Talking head / Introduction to online training

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Talking head, what exactly is that? Basically it literally means what it says: a video of a head, talking. The only thing that happens in this video is that you see someone tell about a subject. These types of videos you see a lot: on YouTube; for online masterclasses (with or without presentation slides); and by Mind5©️ to introduce every chapter of their Optimal Performance Leader program.

Roelien from Mind5©️ chose this type of video because her clients told her they want to learn from her. Unfortunately that’s not possible as her clients are all over the world. That’s why she trains them online. The first version of this training was just presentation slides and a voice-over, and a lot of text. After the feedback she got, Roelien decided to do it entirely different in the 2.0 version.


When making films you can show your brand in an entirely different manner. You, your enthusiasm, and your role as an expert are easily transferable, and by wearing certain colours and clothes your corporate identity is also shown, only in a bit more of a creative way.


Now you might think: Great, but I want to have absolute control over what I tell in the film, but am really bad at memorising a script. That’s okay. I use different techniques to make sure your video will look as professional as this one. With teleprompters, practicing and smart filming and editing. And we can also see what works best for you: do you need a script at all, or do you need a little bit more freedom? It might be so that you know your subject so well that you don’t need any support at all, or maybe a couple of key words or images are enough. In the preliminary stage of working together we can work on this.

Beforehand and during filming I can also help you transfer the image you want to portray. Do you want to have a serious film or is there room for humour? We can do it all. In the end it’s all about showing your (potential) clients that you are the expert. That means that you want to portray yourself as confident and relaxed. And together we can make sure that translates to the film.