Promo / Aftermovie with a meaning

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Recording events is something I don’t do too often. This is because I don’t particularly love making regular after movies. As you might know by now I want to tell stories. That’s why this was a different situation for my. Because at this event, the content was very important.

International Dinner 2019: Meaning of your Work was organised by TINT Eindhoven. A non-profit organisation which organises events related to life questions, personal development and connection, for students in Eindhoven. This event in particular was all about finding the reason you do what you do (at work). An interesting subject, because you might think that students know why they do what they do, and what they want. But it isn’t that simple. TINT described the importance of the event very clearly.

“In the current age of innovation and rapid change, sometimes it can be easy to get lost in busy schedules. The demand to solve daily challenges in an almost non-stop world can make people forget why they start a career in the first place. On average, people now spend 50 years of their life at work! So, beyond the pay check, what does your work mean to you? What would be your perfect inspiring job?”

The goal of the aftermovie? Showing the value of this event. A night with inspiring speakers, delicious (and exotic) food and entertaining music led to the aftermovie which you see here.