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References. Are. Everything.


At least, they are in my occupation. I end up working on the most awesome projects thanks to someone referring me to the other. Which can go something like this: “Oh, you need a videographer who thinks with you and who knows how to record a bad ass wedding? Contact Arantja”. Now, I’m not sure if they said exactly that (probably not), but this project would have never happened if it wasn’t for a reference. And the cool thing was that the project that I was working on with the referencer wasn’t even finished yet and she was already so excited she recommended me to Elena and Eline!

So I can advise you to definitely ask around with entrepreneurs I have already worked with/for what they think. You can find their contact info when you click the link in their names. Not only on this page, but just about everywhere on And if it’s not there? Just ask me! Because what I find most valuable, is when someone else can tell you why you should (or should not) hire me as your videographer. Already convinced? Or do you want to learn from me what I can do for you? Contact me for an exploratory meeting.

Wedding scene

I was totally in my element during this shoot. I’ve been working in the wedding scene for three years now, and regarding creativity, the styled shoots have become my favourite shoots.

FYI: a styled shoot is a photoshoot in which all types of wedding suppliers are brought together to show their best work regarding a certain theme.
Up until now I always tried to recreate an actual wedding. This time was the second time that I took a different approach.

I once saw this awesome fashion video in which rebellious kids went all out in a gorgeous old mansion. Unfortunately I didn’t save the video anywhere back then, so I’m going to paint a picture: The vibe is set right away. We’re in a big mansion, think old, French, baroque. Giant wooden stairs, crystals and frills everywhere. But we hear rock music. Think Bonnie & Clyde, elopement, motorcycle type of music. We see a couple of teenagers in wild clothes. Full of tattoos and some are skating around.

What intrigues me so about this video is the contrast of the two styles. And even though you expect the kids to ruin the house, they seem to enjoy their surroundings. Which even makes them look like they’re kind of at home! Other than that I love that it’s setting a scene and telling a story without anything actually happening. As if it’s a painting. Or a snapshot.

No boys allowed

For those who have a creative eye, and can handle some free interpretation, you can probably see how this video is inspired by the one I’m describing above. Cute colours, pretty stuff, but secretly a lot of contrast. Tough chicks, wild music, rebellious quotes, special materials and strong shapes. And dare I say it? Not only happy, peaceful faces!

A lot of what inspires me are pictures and behind-the-scenes fashion videos. Then I imagine myself (or see) how a model moves and what possibilities there are. I unfortunately only have a few fashion videos which inspire me. But the H&M videos do. The liveliness, style, importance of the surroundings and the movement.

For example, colour wise the backdrop in this video was a big inspiration. And if this sparked your interest, do browse through their full YouTube account to let them inspire you.


Of course I would love to know if you recognise this inspiration in my video. And when you dare to take on a project like this, please let me know! I love to brainstorm with you to see how we can put your brand in such a cool spotlight! Other than that I love joining photoshoots to also create some moving imagery. Just contact me for an exploratory talk.


Videography: Aurum Films
Photography: By José Chan
Bridal wear: La Bella Blanca
Jewellery: Eline de Visser
Headpieces: Elysian
Stylist: NINA weddings / Velvet Green Rentals
Floral arrangement: Suus Bloem & Meer
Cake & treats: Sticky Flour
Stationery: Secret Salt

Models: Hanneke, Annelie, Kessy, Louise, Athina


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