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There are promofilms in all shapes and sizes. Because creating a corporate film isn’t the only way to promote your business. In social media posts you automatically tend to share an image or text when you want to promote a new product you have just brought out. But what if you want to do that through film?

Authenticity is becoming more and more important in marketing. That is why video is becoming more popular. Because, with the help of video your customers can get to know the real, authentic person behind a business.
Other than that you can tell authentic stories and catch someone’s attention. For example by creating a promo like this one.


Generate attention

Let me create the situation of the event by Studium Generale and TINT Eindhoven really quickly. TINT had just organised an event related to the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. A true celebration about how far we have come regarding gender equality.

Did you know that we think we have already reached this equality? But nothing is farther from the truth. That’s why TINT organised an event with Studium Generale to also give some attention to the problems regarding this subject.
Because in The Netherlands we honestly think we are equal, the organisations wanted to let TU/e students experience that many of them (just like many of us) are still prejudiced. And what is the best way to do this? By confronting you with a situation, in which your assumptions are incorrect.

That’s why I took out my camera and Ana and I travelled over TU/e campus with a riddle. This riddle was going tos how why this discussion was still relevant in 2019, and important to carry on. And why students of TU/e definitely need to join this discussion.