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When you do what makes you happy…


Believe it or not, video shows who you really are!

Now that I read it myself I realise this might sound scary. Because, what if you’re nervous? Can we see that on film too? Unfortunately, yes. But you don’t have to be! That’s why I always focus on making you feel as comfortable as possible. And often I see that being at work gets you in your element. And then you don’t even realise that I’m filming behind-the-scenes! A great example is Kaylee’s corporate film.

Maybe you already realised it: Kaylee is my sister. And together with her I work at the location where we recorded this film, because 90% of the time this is our office. Kaylee being my sister made this project a fun one for me. Because we know each other very well. So my drive to make this a very good film, without the worry “if my client will like the film” made me trust my instinct in every part of creating this film. I know Kaylee very well, but however well you know somebody, when they have a job that is a little bit more abstract, it’s really difficult to understand what they do. Except for when you have had the luxury of experiencing it yourself once.

Because I didn’t really know the occupation I could enter the exploratory meeting fairly neutral. And this is a very important first step in the filming process. Because this is where I find out what makes your business unique. And with an entrepreneur like Kaylee, who provides a service, it’s very important to determine this.

What is your pie?

In this exploratory meeting I asked Kaylee what her ‘pie’ was. Because when I understand what your ‘pie’ is, I know everything I need to know to show others what you really do.

“Okay, why are we talking about pie all of a sudden?,” I hear you thinking. Well, I always use a baker as an example. When you want to know what someone does, you want to see their product. At the bakery one of those products is pie, and what it looks like. Because through film and photography we decide whether we want to buy/have/eat it by our sight. It isn’t about the baking process, the selling or the taste. At least, for a videographer it isn’t. And when I know what your pie is, then we can look at everything around it. Then we’ll look at the baking, selling and the taste. But first I want to know what that pie is.

Oftentimes you begin to smile when you talk about your pie. And that was the same case for Kaylee. We had a little challenge finding the cake. Because what do people take home to ‘eat’? Not the training itself. Not how she gives the training, but the knowledge they store. What that smile did tell me was that in Kaylee’s case it was going to be very important to show how she gives that training. How happy she becomes when she gets to share that knowledge. Because if that smile is there already when teling me about it, than it was probably going to be much bigger when she’s in her element while giving the training. So that was what our focus was going to be on.

Kaylee’s corporate film

The day of training and filming was there and it was so much fun to film Kaylee. Because when she talks about her expertise, she really is in her element. I saw her for the first time as a trainer, and could also imagine what it would be like when she developes a learning tool with her client, when she takes on the role as facilitator or when she coaches someone! She was in her element that much, that she even forgot that I was there!

After filming I could really go to work. Phase 1: letting it all rest, process the recording day and think of a first version. Phase 2: watching what it is that I have filmed and creating the first version. This is a fun phase, because this is where I find my favourite shots and quotes. And sometimes I find something I’m sure I won’t use it, but what is a lot of fun for my client to have. For example the portrait film you just saw to the right. Phase 3: the first final version, with colour correction. This one goes to the client. And in Kaylee’s case there was only one more phase after that! Phase 4/5: the last small edits and creating the versions for Instagram.


Getting to work


Because Kaylee does a lot of her marketing on Instagram, I created 3 short videos, each of which highlights one important element of her trainings and workshops.

Other than that I provided her with my pièce de résistance for this project: her “about” film. This will be on her homepage, so that people immediately know with whom they are dealing.
This film shows again: when what you do makes you happy, you really emit that. So when you get the space to focus on such an activity, you will always get a film that is ‘really you’! Which story do you want to tell?


My authentic self

“[…] I developed tools for the group and hired Arantja to film me for promotional material.

And out of it came cool footage of which I am very proud. The best part is, that in the video you can see me as I really am. My authentic self. This is because I actually totally forgot there was a camera.”

- Kaylee Rosalina

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