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Flør “The Flood”


Six years before I created this film I was about to graduate as a Designer (field: Film) at the Fontys School of the Arts. The study I followed was in the same building as the Rock Academy. I noticed right away that I didn’t really have a connection with the people from my studies, but I did with the musicians. Partly because I love music so much, but I also enjoy the culture around it.

In my final year I came into contact with Fleur and Lisa for a very special project.

Colours in the dark

They asked me to create visuals for their graduation performances. The goal? Make both shows in to one long experience, despite the clear separate songs. I had to make it into one whole.

I created some kind of natural surroundings, cloaked in silhouettes, which played on the background during the entire show. From land to sea, with sun and storms; it was all in there. And every vibe fitted the song that they were performing at that time. It was a giant project, but amazing to create!


Camera: Hans Boender
Visual animation / edit film: Arantja
Music: Silent Partner


It’s all about nature

I didn’t know it yet, but later on nature turned out to come back oftentimes in my work. Nowadays I work in an office which I filled to the brim with plants. For a documentary I went to a cabin in the woods with singer/song-writer Isabelle Hamer and when I get to go into nature for a film I’m at my best. You see me crouching through flower beds and everything 😂

That’s why I was so happy when Fleur contacted me a couple of months ago! And for another video submerged in nature! This time by the sea.

A totally different film, with stock material and very simple recordings, but what you always see in my work is that specific mood. It’s a type of energy I want to give to every film, someone’s energy to be exact. I think you can see that in the visuals from before, but even more in this music video, which is a part of the new album by FLØR. And a lot of creativity.

And how much fun was it to develop this film from the concept ideas she brought!
Let’s be taken away by

The Flood

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Video: Aurum Films by Arantja
Writer: Fleur Van Gorp
Music: Flør
Produced: Martijn Groeneveld
Mastered: Amsterdam Mastering