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Sometimes, something just ends up on your path and you just have to take the chance. Like this behind-the-shoot shoot!

Lisa Jansen from Taarten Van Jansen had a photoshoot coming up and was searching via her Instagram account for the dream kitchen to shoot her cakes in. While she described the kitchen in her Instagram Story, it sounded like she was describing my (dreamy) kitchen! And as I would secretly love to have some professional pictures from my home, (I am very proud of my interior design skills), I took my chance. I offered her my kitchen to shoot in.

Now, I started following Lisa on Instagram when I my goal was to become a wedding videographer. I wanted to organise a styled wedding shoot with her, because her wedding cakes are awe-some! (I don’t even think she knows this by the way!) And while following her I started to enjoy her posts and stories a lot, even though I’m not vegan, and I don’t really eat cake because of my wheat intolerance. But she seemed like such a nice and fun person!

So I sent her a message with a photo of my kitchen. And she loved it! Right away we found a date for her to shoot, she invited her photographer and they got to go to work.

Behind the shoot

And then it hit me: I wanted to expand my portfolio with different kinds of personal branding stories. I loved her cakes and wanted to film them anyways, and she was at my home anyways! So I decided I had to make a branding film of her and her cakes, while being photographed! I asked her if that was okay (especially for the photographer), got my stuff together and made sure my home was extra nice and clean. 

The day came and I got to meet Lisa and her photographer Antoinet Murier. Quickly I looked up this happy and enthusiastic photographer on Instagram to see what kind of pictures she made, and I loved it! We found out that we both enjoy these types of shoots a lot, and I believe my style fits her work too. So I decided to change up my goal. Shoot one time for two entrepreneurs. Let’s see them interact, enjoy themselves while they do what they love and they’re good at! 

I ended up making one long video of the both of them, with a lot of short highlights to use for Instagram and IGTV. This way I got to create some separate videos for the both of them which really show off their own work too.

In the end I’m very glad I took this chance, and I think the ladies were very happy with this extra material, when they only expected to do a photoshoot. Now let’s enjoy the end result!

Videographer: Arantja Rosalina
Model / cakes: Lisa Jansen -
Photographer: Antoinet Murier -

Short version for Instagram

Featured: Antoinet Murier

Featured: Taarten van Jansen