Behind the scenes / Wedding photography

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I’m a big fan of multi tasking. But also not at all! Because I can’t literally do two things at the same time. But did you know that no one can? But I can however switch between two tasks very quickly (and with me many other women). So that’s what I really enjoy doing.

In the spring of 2018 I had a styled wedding shoot with a group of wedding suppliers. For your information, this is when businesses in the wedding scene come together to imitate an actual wedding and showing their best work based on a certain theme.
The styled shoot which I was a part of this time, had the theme ‘rose gold/castle’. So the designer provided stationery with golden lettering, there were countless pink flowers and fun succulents, the bride wore a floral dress with her beautiful red hair and the groom wore a pink tie. We got to walk in and around the castle to shoot everything we needed and at the end the pink champagne was opened with a sword!


Videographer: Aurum Films - Photographer: Beleef je Portret - Location: Doorwerth Castle - Wedding planner: Prachtige Plannen weddings & events - Bride & groom: Lindsey Kouwenberg & Thom de Graaf Styling: In Style Styling & Decoraties - Wedding cake: Patisserie Christiaan - Florist: Magnolia Bloemen - Suit: Tailor Made Suits - Wedding gown: Marie-José Swolfs bruidsmode - MUAH: Mooi bij Linda - Bridal shoes: Tsjari - Rings: Juwelier Paul Hoogendoorn - Stationery: Marjolein Vormgeving - Wedding officiate: Met veel liefs


I think it was the first shoot of which I knew beforehand that I also wanted to film the suppliers. Somewhere in the back of my mind I already knew I enjoyed it so much to record the passion of those entrepreneurs. So next to filming the film above, I got to multitask: I also was going to record behind the scenes shots!

But it wasn’t really multitasking, unless you call “performing multiple tasks during the day” multitasking. Because when other suppliers were setting up or photographing a set, I couldn’t do anything anyways. So actually, my day became much more productive, thanks to this idea.

It took me a little while (that’s the risk of portfolio projects), but in the end I’m very happy that almost 1,5 year later I made this nice end result of Marieke Plasier (Beleef Je Portret). And for me it’s a great add on to my portfolio.


The funny thing is, because I love nature a lot, I want to use that in my shoots. Not only through separate shots of flowers bouncing lazily in the wind (see first shot of video above). I really like the combination with the subject of he actual film: the bride & groom. So sometimes I end up in the bushes. This time it was a lot of fun to see that Marieke agreed with me and sat next to me. Nice proof of how the both of us were constantly paying attention to each other and try to learn from what the other sees.

In the end I got a lot of nice shots this way, because even though this shot with the bride & groom didn’t make the cut (I had so much good footage this time!), the shot I made of Marieke, from my worm’s eye view did look very nice and ended up in her behind the scenes film!

Arantja Rosalina