The pros and cons of interview in your video

You have decided that you want a video for your business. But now you have to decide: ‘Do I want to be interviewed? Or maybe not?’ It is very important to think about the options, or you trust your videographer to make this decision. I can help you make a start with this article. I will share with you 3 benefits and 3 disadvantages of interview in your film.



  1. Personal interaction

  2. Recording body language

  3. You can “tell” twice as much in your film


  1. More expensive

  2. Can be overkill

  3. Sometimes sound doesn’t add anything


Benefit #1: Personal interaction

How you come across on camera can change a lot when I ask you questions. Especially regarding empathy and interaction. When I interview you a personal connection develops which also comes across on camera.

Benefit #2: Recording body language

Body language is “communication without words”. Video also records these non-verbal signs very well. When you enjoy being at work and are being filmed, you might be very focused. When I ask you questions your body language changes and shows your passion even more. It increases trust with your target audience, because they can see you are telling the truth.

Branding Specialist Marte Methorst made 2 variants of one video: 1 for the Homepage and at the beginning of her training videos. And the one you see here for her About page. How she talks about her work and reacts to my questions help her potential client to make it easier to choose Marte as their Branding Specialist.

Benefit #3: You can “tell” twice as much in your film

When you are being interviewed well and the right video is being edited on top of that sound, they can reinforce each other. This way you can share 2 minutes of info in a one minute film!
However it is important that your videographer knows what they are doing. Because not every videographer, cameraman or editor has experience with it. Look at the news for example. They let the video show exactly what the voice-over is saying. This strengthens the message, but it doesn’t really tell any more than when you would only look at the video or listen to the audio. In TV advertisements this also often happens.

You see Laury creating this illustration and hear why she does this. The mindful vibe that I created through video is being strengthened by Laury telling what it does for her. A nice example of how video and audio can play off of each other. But without audio this video is also interesting enough. That’s why she has it as a background on her homepage.

Disadvantage #1: More expensive

Of course doing an interview is more expensive. It needs to be prepared so that the right questions can be asked. More time is needed to record the video and audio. Extra equipment is needed and in post production the editor is investing more time int bringing it all together. Decide if that is worth the extra money. Do you find it difficult to decide this for yourself? Contact me through the contact form on the bottom of this article.

Disadvantage #2: Can be overkill

You don’t always need an interview. Maybe you work in a branche in which your client already knows what it entails and what you can do for them. You just want a video in which your passion and enjoyment is shown, or in which you share your products or location. In this case an interview wouldn’t add anything onto the video.

Even if your ideal client doesn’t exactly know what you do, it might be that you don’t want to share that in your video. You want to share what it’s like to work with you, or hire you. It’s better to show that in stead of telling it. This way you can use your video for a longer time, especially when you provide several services or often change activities.

Kaylee is a Learning & Development professional. She has a job which is pretty hard to understand for people: she gives educational advice, designs learning tools and gives workshops and trainings. That’s why we decided to not use interview in this film. Even though she is clearly giving a training here, this film is about the interaction with others when she is being hired as an educational expert.

Disadvantage #3: Sometimes sound adds nothing

Really think about what you want to use your video for! Do you want one for your About page on your website? Then a film with interview is very suitable. Also in (guest) blogs a branding video with interview is perfect. However, do you want to play it on social media such as Instagram an Facebook, don’t forget that most of your viewers will probably have their sound off.
Also when you use your video as an intro on your Homepage, in a store or during an event, sound is almost always off.

So really think about it: Is it worth it to create extra audio by doing an interview? Or is some nice fitting music enough?

To generate a certain vibe and emotion interview is not needed. Telling a story can often be done even better by non-verbal communication. For example Elise’s passion in the video below speaks volumes.

But an interview can add onto the video beautifully. It is, however, important that you feel comfortable when you are being interviewed. Thanks to my own documentary experience this is one of my biggest strengths: my main goal is to make you feel comfortable. This is important anyways when I film you, because you want to come across as honest and sincerely. But with me you don’t have to worry about that! I am aware of the importance of this, so this is my highest priority.

Hans likes to turn bad memories into something beautiful through art. His most recent project is about Vietnam. From photos out of the personal collections of Vietnam veterans he creates impressive templates. The loss that he has suffered himself, he also tries to process in this way. * English subtitles included * Hans vormt graag nare herinneringen om tot iets moois door middel van beeldende kunst. Zijn meest recente project gaat over Vietnam. Hij maakt indrukwekkende sjablonen van foto's uit de privécollectie van veteranen. Ook het verlies dat hij zelf geleden heeft probeert hij op deze manier te verwerken.

Convinced? Or are you still unsure about what would work best for you? Every situation is different, so I’d love to brainstorm with you. Contact me right away!