7 reasons why you need to use video for your branding

We see it everywhere: the person behind the business shows themselves more and more often. Personal branding is hot! Especially for entrepreneurs who provide a service this is the way to market and brand yourself.

And it makes good sense, because we want to trust a brand. Now, I do see that happening a lot in text and pictures. Professional Instagram accounts and websites are filled with photos of the entrepreneur and employees. But people get to know you easier and better when they can really see you. That’s why video is perfect for this. But there are many more other reasons why - when you finish reading this article - you can’t ignore this fact: you need to use video for your own branding.

1. Video boosts conversions and sales

There it is already: video makes you money. Adding a video about your service or product to your homepage increases conversion up to 80%! An instructional video about how you work makes it much easier for your client to decide that they want to work with you; they already know what to expect. These types of videos are very popular on YouTube, but also work very well on About pages, and the page on which you sell your product or service. And that does make sense. Sight has been our most important sense organ since prehistoric times. Trough film we take in so much more info than through text!

By the way, did you know that YouTube is becoming the biggest competitor of Google? More and more often people prefer to look up videos about a product or service, than googling it. People also prefer sharing a video over a blog on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. That’s why 50% of marketeers added video to their content strategy in the past year.

2. Making and editing videos doesn’t have to be a hassle

I admit it: a video production isn’t as easy and quickly done as writing a blog or making a photo. It’s also something that you can’t do alone as easily. But even though it isn’t the easiest or least expensive, in the end it pays for itself (and more)! Entrepreneurs admit that it has always been worth the effort and money to make a video or have it made.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a videographer, you can definitely start with your smartphone or digital camera and a nice editing app (for example FilmoraGo, Adobe Premiere Clip or iMovie). With these apps you can quickly whip up a good video. With apps as Snapchat, Instagram (Stories/IGTV) and Facebook Live you don’t even have to edit! You can share whatever you want 1 on 1 or even live.

3. Video makes your brand trustworthy

Trust is the most important aspect consumers are looking for at the moment. That’s why personal branding is so popular. When you get to know the person behind the brand, you get a sense of what you can expect. For that reason Sales has become less important; you want your clients to come to you.

Video does exactly that. It generates emotions and motivates people to connect to you. That is why the most successful influencers right now are YouTube celebrities.

Video also binds a consumer to you for a longer period of time. When they run into a problem and you explain in a video how they can solve it, you build up more and more trust, and their connection with your brand becomes even stronger.

4. Improved SEO

As I stated before people look up videos of a product, service or subject more often. And Google is aware of this fact. That’s why there is a 53% bigger chance you are the first search result Google shows, when you embed your video on the top of your page. Google is also the owner of YouTube, so this gives them a lot of possibilities to make video more important in search results.

5. People love sharing video on social media

Just scroll through your own Facebook feed. How many of the shared messages are videos and how many likes and shares do they get? Also on Twitter, you see a lot of videos pass by, and even on LinkedIn popularity of videos is increasing. Instagram has even developed an entire new app for it (IGTV) which is supposed to become the biggest competitor of the second biggest social networking website: YouTube.

6. Personal branding is storytelling

People prefer sharing emotions over facts. So do you want your content to be shared as much as possible? Create a flow, make personal contact with the viewer and tell a personal story.

Save the instructional videos for your own website and your YouTube account. These have an entire different goal and reach your ideal client at a different moment in their buying process.

7. Video doesn’t have to mean ‘talking head’

I already hear you thinking: "This is great and all, but I don’t want to be on camera!” And you definitely don’t have to. There are so many types of video you might not have thought about yet. Animation, a slideshow, use actors or create a Virtual Reality.

And even if you will be in the shots, that doesn’t mean you have to learn everything by heart! You can interview someone (or be interviewed), work with an autocue or record the video in parts and have it edited by a good editor (do ask them for tips beforehand though). You can have a videographer follow you on an average workday or only show your products. Working with models is even an option! So don’t be scared off by the idea that you would have to talk to the camera, because the sky is the limit!

extra: Tips to optimise your Video Marketing

Let’s dive into it right away: the ideal length for your videos on different media. Pay attention, when you also want to use your video as an ad, it could be that there are other lengths are required. On Instagram for example, a video ad can be a maximum of 15 seconds!

  • YouTube: 2 minutes

  • Facebook: 1 minute

  • Twitter: 45 seconds

  • Instagram: 30 seconds

Use the title and captions to optimise your video for SEO. Just like you would for a blog. Create a clear description on what your video is about, where they can find more info on the subject and how they can contact you (never forget to share your website!).

Users who watch your video on their phone probably have their sound turned off. Keep this in mind when making your video and turn off sound beforehand on a page where the video will start playing automatically.

You can recycle your videos! And there are totally different moments at which people are looking for the content that is in your video. So never take your videos from YouTube. You never know who needs you(r knowledge) in 5 years! Have you created a newer, beter version? Even then don’t remove your video. You do introduce and add a link to the new video. This way your old, successful video can help you get more viewers to the new one! And it is great proof of your development as a professional. Which makes people trust you even more.

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